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Quality Management

Quality  is designated the topmost priority at Divekar Wallstabe & Schneider Precision Seals Pvt. Ltd.
Our approach to quality management is broad based. We regard it as all encompassing, covering all

operational areas.

Quality of Product

This is ensured by adhering to the systems set in line with ISO/TS 16949:2009, the standard to which
we are certified. This includes inspection at raw material stage, on line inspection, final inspection, pre-despatch

and barrier inspection. We are very much aware of the limitations of inspection processes and therefore
robust process design and adherence to the same is given the highest importance.

We believe that refining of the process capabilities with continuous improvement would give the required

results and consistency. Packing and Identification of the product are also treated as parts of product quality.

Quality of Transaction

This includes our accessibility to the customer, communication, our visits, quality of documentation and
attitude of the personnel to be helpful and fast in response.


Quality Of Service

Predominantly this includes our delivery performance, followed by handling of complaints & corrective actions,
speed of our response and its usefulness to the customer.


The above aspects are made measureable as far as possible and are monitored periodically.