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Company Profile

Divekar Wallstabe & Schneider Precision Seals Pvt. Ltd. (DW&S) was incorporated as a joint venture company
in partnership with Dichtungstechnik Wallstabe & Schneider GmbH & Co. KG in February 2010.

The company is specialized in providing sealing solutions by its diverse rubber products manufactured with

technology which just suits the product with respect to its complexity and volume requirement, to make it cost

efficient. In the present competitive environment it is quite necessary to make the product available at an affordable

price. Needless to add that the product must be reliable, enduring & meeting every requirement of performance,
fitment and user friendliness.

At DW&S, we focus just on these requirements of the product and further ensure the delivery requirements in totality.

The company is new but our people have vast years of experience in this field. The history page gives further

information of the same